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M.A. (Gauhati University)

M.Phill (Gauhati University)



Quit India Movement in Assam , Gandhi and His Philosophy



UGC Minor research project ‘-------------’ (2014-2016) Total grants : INR 2,10,00





Journal /Book/ ISBN/ISSN No.

Deforestation in Assam and its impact on Environment: A Study on Kaki Reserved Forest.

Environmental Awareness: A Great Challenge to control Environmental pollution,2011,


Gandhian approach on communal Harmony and its Relevance in the Present day Context.

A Study on Gandhian Philosophy, ISBN: 978-81-921869-5-5, 2011

Urbanization in Assam and its Impact in the Society.


Urbanization and its Impact in Today’s World with Special Reference to North-East India, a book published by C.K.B. Commerce College, Jorhat, 2012.

Cultural background of Ethnic problem in North-East India with special reference to the Tiwas of Assam,

Ethnic conflicts and National Integration in North-East India, a book published on the occasion of UGC National Seminar at Kagarijan College, Nagaon, 2009

Autonomy Movement of Tiwa Tribe in Assam in post colonial period

Prospect of Politics and Society, Joy Prakash Oza (ed.), Jorhat, 2012, pp.83-90.(ISBN: 978-93-82030-20-1)

Gandhiji’s Approach to Revival of economic Life in Rural India

Gandhi and His Philosophy, Dr. Dipen Saikia & Deba Kumar Datta(ed.), Dhemaji, 2013, PP. 350-356. (ISBN: 978-81-923294-1-3)


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