The college has been putting sincere efforts to register the “Alumni Association of N.N. Saikia College” and the legal procedure has been initiated. Although, the college, at present, does not have a registered Alumni Association but the Alumni Association of N.N. Saikia College actively participates in the development process of the college. Sporadically, the Alumni Association of N.N. Saikia College provides valuable suggestions for the academic as well as administrational development of the college. In the last five years, alumni of N.N. Saikia College have provided a considerable contribution to the college as mentioned below-

Financial Contribution: Alumni of the college donated one lakh thirty-two thousand nine hundred on the occasion of the “Diamond Jubilee” celebration of the college.

Donation of Books: Alumni of the college donated various important books to respective departments. In the last five years, a good number of books were distributed to the Physics, Education, Assamese, Geography,  and Botany departments.

Donation of essential items: Alumni of the college also donated various essential items that include several book-shelf and artifacts.

Other support services: Apart from financial contribution, alumni of N.N. Saikia help to create a vibrant academic environment by extending educational and other services also. Occasionally, Alumni college delivers talk before the student of the college. Moreover, Alumni of the college also provide suggestions regarding setting up the laboratory and other matters related to academics. 

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