The College has a well maintained library , named as Chakreswar Saikia Central Library with a good variety and range of collections. which provides about 28,984 Nos. books in different subjects, 05 journals, 10 periodicals and 4 news papers in Assamese and English. Moreover, it has a good collection of Encyclopedias relating to different subjects. The library has a reading room facility with a capacity of 100 person seating arrangement at a time. For the benefit of library users, a Xerox machine is also installed inside the library premises The operating system of the library has been computerized. Photocopy facility is available in the library at a nominal rate for the students. Besides, it also has spacious and separate reading rooms for the students and the faculty members of the college. The construction of an e-library section has reached the stage of near completion. C.S Library is automated with SOUL Library software. Data entry of all books is almost ready. For providing effective infrastructure, 8computers have been installed in the Library.


 Name of the Library                                    : Chakreswar Saikia Central Library

System of the Library                                  : Open Access System

Address of the Library                                : Nanda Nath Saikia Collge , Titabar Jorhat , Titabar


Year of Establishment                                 : 1959

Working days                                              : 6 days a Week, Closed on Sundays and Holidays

Working Hours                                           : 09 AM to 4.00 PM

Library automation system:

C.S Library follows open access system which reduces the gap between user and books and also save the time of the user as well as library staff. The library used SOUL ( Software for Universities libraries initiated by INFLIBNET Centre) software to digitally automate the library service.

Library Software:

  • SOUL
  • P-touch Editor 5.0

Library holding as on 28/05/2022: 

Total no of books : 28984

Total no of periodicals and journal: 15 Total no of newspaper: 5

Total no of thesis and research paper : 13

Accession Register: 

  • The library has 07 number of Accession Register for textbook and Reference book.
  • The library has 1 no of Accession register for Thesis and research
  • The library has 3 numbers of register for Periodical and Newspaper.

Gate Register :

The user of the library are allowed to enter and access the library resource by register their name in gate register which is kept in the main entry. The Library has 3 numbers of gate register for the students, Teaching and Non teaching staff and for the Outsiders.

Different Library Services: 

  • Reference services
  • Reprography services
  • Internet service
  • Lending Services

Different section of library: 

  • Acquisition Section
  • Cataloguing Section
  • Circulation section
  • Journal and periodical section
  • Reference section
  • Newspaper section

Library rules : 

  • Library will remain open from 09:00 AM to 4.00 PM on all College working
  • Library cards are issued to all the
  • Book may be borrowed by students for a period of 10 days There is no provision of re – issue of the same book
  • Each final year student must return his/ her library books along with the library card before getting the admit Card of the final
  • If the borrowed book is lost or damaged by any student the same must be replaced by new books by the concerned student, students found multilating library books or periodicals or megazines will be subjected to Disciplinery action.
  • Mobile phones should be switched off in the
  • An overdue charge of 1.00 for each book per day shall be levied on a member, if a book is kept beyond loan period.
  • A member must produce his/her identity card & Reader’s ticket at the time of borrowing.

Policy for Students: 

  • Students are allowed to issue 4 books per H.S and PGDCA students are allowed 2 books to issue.
  • Books are issued for 10 days.
  • Students library card is issued for whole academic They have to bring the library card to issue their books.
  • Loss of books should be replaced by the user with a new one.
  • Reference books are allowed to use in the reading space not for issue.
  • Users need to put their name 1st in the library gate register
  • Library believes in “every book to its user” ‘ and “ every reader his or her book” (two popular quotations of S. R Ranganathan, father of Library science in india )

Policy for Faculty member: 

  • Faculty members are allowed to issue maximum 6 books for 15 days.
  • They have to bring library card to issue their books.
  • Journal, Periodicals,Newspaper,Reference books and rare books are restricted for issue. They are allowed to issue mentioned library resource to use or read in the library.


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