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             The Day Care Centre of N.N. Saikia College is one of the initiatives taken up under UGC guidelines for providing child care centers for the female faculty members of the college. The Day Care Centre of the college was established in the year 2014 and is situated in a secured place inside the boundary of the College Girls’ Hostel. The aim of the Day Care Centre is to increase the facilities for the female faculty and to help them raise their children in a healthy way. It is maintained by a Management Committee constituted by the Principal as the Chairperson, the Superintendent of the College Girls’ Hostel as the Convener and three members from the teaching and non-teaching staff. The administration takes care of providing all possible facilities to keep children of the age group from six months to five years. The Day Care Centre of the college is sufficiently equipped with the play toys and other necessary things like cradle, perambulator, walker, toy bicycle, beds, chairs etc. Two employees are currently working as care takers of the children. They are Ms. Jayanti Borah and Mr. Puspa Saikia. The Centre has adequate clean water facility and sanitary system. During the pandemic period, the closure of college classes greatly impacted in the running of the Centre as children are kept inside their homes.

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