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A Two-day camp was organized on Womens’ Health and Hygiene on 11th and 12th November, 2021. The event was in collaboration between N. N. Saikia College and Pathik, an NGO where the Chairperson of Pathik Mr. Victor Rajkumar talked on the necessity and significance of women’s health and hygiene for the greater good of the society. He highlighted many different socio-cultural and religious beliefs and prejudices that have been hindrances to women’s healthy development in the society. The participants in the first day talk were the female students of the college who felt much benefitted from the event. The second day event was held at the adopted village of the college Beparichuk Gaon, Titabar where the female members of the village participated and shared their views on women’s health and hygiene. The total participants in the events were 150 and 35 respectively.


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