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The Department of Education, Nanda Nath Saikia College was started functioning in June 1988 with the Higher Secondary course of study. Gradually, the department introduced the TDC-Core and Major courses from the year 1990 and 2006 respectively. The founder teacher of the department was Prof. (Mrs.) S. Dutta, who joined as a part-time teacher on 1st June 1988, and served as HoD till 2013. At present, one Associate Professor and two Assistant Professors are working in the department. The enrolment of the student are quite promising from the very beginning. The department has been immensely successful academically and has produced a lot of meritorious students. Many of the graduates of this department have gone on to achieve success in a variety of fields. Particularly, the majority of alumni are presently working in the teaching profession. The department of education prepares and empowers students to meet challenges in a real-life situation. The teacher also encourages the students to participate the different co-curricular activities which lead to all round development of the students. The department of education organized a variety of academic and intellectual activities like seminars, group discussions, lecture programmes, and different competitions. The departmental journals, bulletin, and magazines are published periodically.

Nanda Nath Saikia College
Dhodar Ali, Titabar-785630,
Assam, India
Tel: +91 (3771) 248446
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