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A Parent- Teachers meeting was held on 1st April, 2023 (Saturday) in the Department of Zoology, N N Saikia College. The meeting started at 1:30 PM and about 11 parents attended the meeting. Parents of students of 2nd Semester, 4th Semester and 6th Semester participated in the meeting. The meeting started with welcoming the parents by the HoD Dr. Manashi Bortamuly. The HoD introduced all the faculties of the Department and addressed the purpose of the meeting. The respective course co-ordinators namely, Dr. Samim Dullah (2nd Semester), Dr. Jafrin Farha Hussain (4th Semester) and Mitali Chetia (6th Semester) informed the parents about various aspects of students’ performance like attendance, results of end semester exams, regular attentiveness towards classes, and promptness towards Departmental activities. Mr. Porimol Malakar, father of Gaurab Malakar, a student of 4th Semester, asked all the faculties to let the parents know if they had any complaints about their wards. Dr. Manashi Bortamuly discussed about the importance of attendance and progression reports of the students. She mentioned the importance of NC and DC to the parents. She asked the parents to pay attention to their respective wards and co-operate with teachers for the improvement of their wards. She also informed about the add-on course, fees to be paid for field trips and that, the field trips are compulsory for all the students. She also requested that the parents should come to the college during NAAC Peer team visit. She added that a particular amount needs to be invested in preparing the practical copies too.

Lastly, the programme ended with thanking all the attendees of the meeting.




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