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Date: 05.06.2023

Time: 10 AM


 The Department of Zoology, N. N. Saikia College in collaboration with Zoological Society NN Saikia College celebrated the World Environment Day, 2023 on 5th June, 2023 in the college premises. For the celebration, the adopted school of Department of Zoology, Pragati ME School was invited. About 16 students of 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Standard along with their Science teacher (also an alumnus of the Department) Sri Rubul Borah joined the celebration.

The programme started at about 10 am, after arrival of the students of Pragati ME School. Students of 2nd Semester of the Department were also present. The programme was inaugurated and carried forward by the HoD, Dr. Manashi Bortamuly, who welcomed all the guests and stressed on the theme of World Environment Day, 2023 i.e., Plastic Pollution and its solution. After her welcome address, she requested Vice Principal of the College, Dr. Malakshmi Dutta to give a brief talk. She focused on the different pollution types caused by plastic. On behalf of the Department of Zoology, Dr. Malakshmi Dutta gifted a hybrid Litchi sapling to the students of Pragati ME School.  

After that, Dr. Jafrin Farha Hussain, Assistant Professor, gave a brief presentation to the students about plastic and its pollution impacts on the environment; and stressed on the theme Beat Plastic Pollution. She explained the different types of plastic waste and plastic toxins by emphasizing more the pictures in the interest of the small students. Meanwhile, President of Teachers’ Unit, NN Saikia College, Dr. J. P. Ojha arrived in the programme. After that, the students of the school presented a small play on protection of the environment, which was appreciated by all present members. The drama was thought provoking which reflected the ways man-made activities are destroying the environment.

After the drama, the HoD requested Dr. J. P. Ojha to speak a few words on the occasion. He applauded the students and also spoke on the importance of World Environment Day. After that, Mitali Chetia, Assistant Professor, gave an interesting talk on solutions to plastic pollution. She also asked several questions to the students, and in return gifted them pencils on correct answers. Lastly, Sri Rubul Borah, teacher of the school, gave a speech on request by the HoD.

Before, the programme ended, few students showcased their talents by reciting poems, group songs, etc. A group photo was captured for record and memory. Then light refreshment was offered to everyone after which laboratory visit was offered to all students. Dr. Samim Dullah, Assistant Professor and Hod explained various museum specimens to the small students. They were given chance to see through the microscope which ignited a sense of scientific temperament among the students.

After the presentation, a group photo was captured. Students from 2nd Semester and 6th Semester and few students from 4th Semester were present. The programme ended with a happy note to all the students.












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