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A field trip to the Fishery Research Center, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat was conducted on 9th April, 2024 for the students of 6th Semester, as part of their Discipline Specific Elective (DSE) Paper named Fish and Fisheries. The total number of students participating in the field trip was 20 and the trip was guided and accompanied by Dr. Manashi Bortamuly and Dr. Jafrin Farha Hussain, Assistant Professors of the Department of Zoology, N. N. Saikia College, Titabar. The Journey started at around 9:30 am from Titabar.

Trip Objective:

The objective of the trip was to understand the different types of fishing technologies and methods of induced breeding, integrated fish farming, and composite fish culture, etc.

Field Observation:

At the foremost, a field-based knowledge was delivered to the students by Ms. Niva Dutta, Research Scholar of the Department of Fishery Research Center. Various types of fishing technologies like induced breeding, composite fish culture, integrated fish farming, breeding hapa, etc., were demonstrated. Students also witnessed several plantations of drumstick plants, mulberry plants, banana plantations which enhance the productivity of the fish farming. Fish culture of Anabas, Clarias, and various carps etc., were demonstrated.

            After the field visit, a power point presentation was delivered at 11 a.m by Biswajit Bordoloi, Junior Scientist of Fishery Research Center. He explained in details the methods of fishing in aquaculture, and how induced breeding techniques are carried out in the Department. The talk was attended by the 6h Semester Students of DKD College Dergaon too.


The trip ended at about 2 pm. Group photographs were captured and students left for their respective destinations.




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