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A 2-day workshop for the add-on-course on "Ornamental Fish and Aquarium Fish Keeping" was held from 29-30th of March, 2023 in the Zoology Department, N.N. Saikia College, Titabar. The workshop started with an introductory speech by Dr. Samim Dullah, Assistant Professor of the Department. She introduced the resource person - Mr. Simanta Dutta, owner of Brahmaputra Aquarium, Jorhat. Miss Meghali Pathak, a student of 6th Semester of the Department felicitated the resource person with a "Fulam Gamocha". This was followed by a speech by Dr. Manashi Bortamuly, Head of the Department of Zoology, where she described about the various trainings attained by Mr. Simanta Dutta. 


After the inaugural session, Mr. Dutta was given the platform to give a hands-on training to the students for making and maintaining an Aquarium. The workshop was keenly organised by the Department of Zoology under the headship of Dr. Manashi Bortamuly and assisted by Mitali Chetia. Additionally there was a good cooperation extended by Dr. Jafrin Farha Hussain, Dr. Samim Dullah and Miss Priyanka Saikia, Assistant Professors of the Department. The 6th Semester students were greatly benefitted from the workshop, who participated actively and with full dedication. 


Overall, the workshop proved to be a fruitfull workshop for the students of the Department.








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