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Inauguration of Wall Magazine ‘Panchajanya’ & Teachers’ Day Celebration

Date: 05.09.2023 Time: 11:30 AM Onwards



The Department of Zoology, like every year, inaugurated the Wall Magazine ‘Panchajanya’ which reflected the theme ‘Pollution of Marine life’. The theme was properly conveyed in the contents of the wall magazine. The wall magazine was prepared by the students of the 3rd Semester, and teacher-in-charge was Mitali Chetia. Panchajanya was inaugurated by the Vice Principal of the College, Dr. Malakshmi Dutta in presence of HoD, and other faculty members of Department of Zoology. The Vice-principal of the College applauded the good work of the students and also stressed on the fact that they should be disciplined in life. She also wished them a very happy Teachers; Day, and requested them to respect their parents, who are the real teachers of life. HoD Dr. Manashi Bortamuly also gave a small speech on the inaugural ceremony.

After a small break for refreshment, Teachers’ Day was celebrated which was arranged by the students of the Department.





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