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Assistant Professor

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Dr. N. F. Islam

M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D., DTPM

(Gold Medallist in Post Graduation)

Department of Botany

Nanda Nath Saikia College, Titabar 785630, Assam, India

[Affiliated under Dibrugarh University, Assam, India]


Microbiology, and Mycology & Plant Pathology

Professional Recognition

Assistant Professor

(In service from 2008 to present day)

Department of Botany, Nanda Nath Saikia College, Titabar 785630, Assam, India

Mobile: +91-98542-51461

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Area of interests

Environmental toxicology, bioremediation, plant-microbe remediation technologies,

Teaching/Research experience-19 years

Selected peer-reviewed publications (In chronological order)

Title of the paper, with Journal’s name, Year of publication, Vol. No., Page Nos., etc.


Impact Factor, if any


Enhancing secondary metabolites and alleviating environmental stress in crops with mycogenic nanoparticles: A comprehensive review

Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology. 2023, 52, 102805
1878-8181   Deepak B. Shelke, N. F. Islam, Mahadev R. Chambhare, Hiralal B. Sonawane, Rupshikha Patowary, Ram Prasad, Hemen Sarma

Exploring eco-friendly approaches for mitigating pharmaceutical and personal care products in aquatic ecosystems: A sustainability assessment 

Chemosphere,  2023, 316, 137715

0045-6535 7.086 Miraji Hossein, Ripanda Asha, Ramadhani Bakari, N.F. Islam, Guangming Jiang, Hemen Sarma

Soil treatment using a biosurfactant-producing bacterial consortium in ricefields contaminated with oily sludge— a sustainable approach

Environmental Research, 2023, 220, 115092




8.4 Kaustuvmani Patowary , Tamanna Bhuyan , Rupshikha Patowary , Yugal Kishore Mohanta ,Kaustuvmani Patowary , Tamanna Bhuyan, Rupshikha Patowary, Yugal Kishore Mohanta ,Bibhu Prasad Panda , Suresh Deka , N.F. Islam, Sanket J. Joshi , Hemen Sarma,

The chemical diversity of Rhynchostylis retusa (l.) bl.'nectar'-An orchid of economic importance

Towards Excellence, 2023,15(1)
0974-035X   Bhaskar Buragohain, N.F Islam, Hemen Sarma

Fungi-derived agriculturally important nanoparticles and their application in crop stress management – Prospects and environmental risks

Environmental Research, 2022, 212, 113543



Hiralal Sonawane, Deepak Shelke, Mahadev Chambhare, Nishi Dixit, Siddharam Math, Suparna Sen, Siddhartha Narayan Borah, N. F. Islam, Sanket J.Joshi, Balal Yousaf, Jörg Rinklebe, iHemen Sarma

Biosurfactant-assisted phytoremediation of potentially toxic elements in soil: Green technology for meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals,

Pedosphere, 2022, 32(1), 198-210



Songita Sonowal, Amy R. Nava, Sanket J. Joshi, Siddhartha Narayan Borah, N. F. Islam, Soumya Pandit, Ram Prasad, Hemen Sarma

Enhancing phytoremediation of hazardous metal (loid) s using genome engineering CRISPR–Cas9 technology,

Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2021, 414, 125493



Hemen Sarma, N.F.Islam, Ram Prasad, M.N.V.Prasad, Lena Q. Ma, Jörg Rinklebe

Environmental antibiotics and resistance genes as emerging contaminants: Methods of detection and bioremediation,

Current Research in Microbial Sciences, 2021, 2, 100027



N. Koch, N.F. Islam, S. Sonowal, R Prasad, H Sarma

Bioprospecting fungal diversity from crude oil infiltrate soil of Assam, India’s Northeast,

Tropical Plant Research, 2017, 4 (2), 319-329



NF Islam

Plant-microbial association in petroleum and gas exploration sites in the state of Assam, north-east India-significance for bioremediation,

Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2017, 24 (9), 8744-8758

ISSN: 1614-7499


H Sarma, NF Islam, MNV Prasad

Depth-wise variation in microbial community composition in crude oil contaminated soil of Assam, Northeast India,

International Journal for Basic Sciences and Social Sciences, 2017,  5 (1), 253-261.



N.F. Islam

Localization of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heavy metals in surface soil of Asia's oldest oil and gas drilling site in Assam, northeast India: Implications for the Bio-economy,

Emerging Contaminants, 2016, 2, (3) 119-127



H Sarma, NF Islam, P Borgohain, A Sarma, MNV Prasad

Effect of different growth stages on rice crop on soil microbial and enzyme activities,

Tropical Plant Research, 2016, 3 (1), 40-47



NF Islam, SK Borthakur

A comparative analysis of different rhizospheric soil mycoflora in Gibbon wildlife sanctuary and its nearby area, Assam, India, European Journal of Experimental Biology, 2015,5 (2), 90-95



Gogoi D, Islam NF, Rajkhowa SC, Mazumdar H

Screening of mycota associated with Aijung rice seed and their effects on seed germination and seedling vigour,

Plant Pathology and Quarantine, 2012, 2, 75-85



NF Islam, SK Borthakur

Study of fungi associated with the decomposition of rice stubble and their role in the degradation of lignin and holocellulose,

Mycosphere, 2011, 2 (6), 627-635



NF Islam

Studies on the influence of root systems of Parthenium plant on soil fungi in different localities of Guwahati, Assam,

Journal of Mycopathological Research, 2007, 45 (1), 40-44



NF Islam

Few plants & animals-based folk medicines from Dibrugarh district, Assam.

Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge, (2005), 4(1): 81-85.



Kalita D., Dutta M. and Islam N.F.

Ethnomedicinal plants from Dibrugarh district, Assam,

Environmental Biology and Conservation, (2005), 10: 19-21.



Kalita D. and Islam N.F.

Study of distribution of VAM fungi in Dibrugarh district, Assam,

Plant Archive, (2004), 4(2): 347-350.



Islam N.F. and Kalita D.

A few folk medicines from Brahmaputra valley, Assam,

Rhino. (2004), 4(1): 61-64.


Kalita D., Dutta A.K. and Islam N.F.



Selected Book Chapters

Sl. No.

Publication Type

Title of the Book Chapter/Book/ Conference Proceeding, with the year of publication and other publication details.




1. Book Chapter Microbes are the natural ecological engineers in the forest ecosystem, enhancing the interaction between plants and herbivores; Sarma (Ed)- Biotechnology of Emerging Microbes; Elsevier, (2023)



Bhoirob Gogoi, N.F. Islam, and Hemen Sarma
2. Book Chapter Assisted and amended technology for the sustainable remediation of emerging contaminants, Editor(s): Hemen Sarma, Delfina C. Dominguez, Wen-Yee Lee, Emerging Contaminants in the Environment, Challenges and Sustainable Practices; Elsevier,(2022), pp.547-577 ISBN: 9780323851602 Sajjad Ghahari, Somayeh Ghahari, Saeid Ghahari, Ghorban Ali Nematzadeh, Rashmi Rekha Saikia, N. F. Islam, Hemen Sarma


Book Chapter

Biosurfactant-assisted phytoremediation for a sustainable future, Editor(s): Vimal Pandey, Assisted Phytoremediation, Elsevier, (2022), pp.399-414

ISBN: 9780128228937

N.F. Islam, Rupshikha Patowary, Hemen Sarma


Book Chapter

Metagenomics Approach for Selection of Biosurfactant Producing Bacteria from Oil Contaminated Soil. In: H. Sarma, MNV Prasad  (Eds.), Biosurfactants for a Sustainable Future: Production and Applications in the Environment and Biomedicine, Wiley  online  library, (2021), pp. 43-58

ISBN: 9781119671008

N. F. Islam,  Hemen Sarma


Book Chapter

Emerging disinfection by-products in water: novel biofiltration techniques. In: MNV Prasad (Ed), Disinfection Byproducts [DBP] In Water: Detection and Treatment', Elsevier, Amsterdam (2020), pp. 109-135

ISBN: 8978-0-08-1029770

N. F. Islam, Hemen Sarma and Majeti NarasimhaVara Prasad


Book Chapter

Agro-Ecosystem Diversity in Petroleum and Natural Gas Explored Sites in Assam State, North-Eastern India: Socio-Economic Perspectives. In: Lichtfouse E. (eds). Sustainable Agriculture Reviews, vol 27. Springer, Cham (2018)

ISBN: 978-3-319-75190-0

Sharma D., Sarma H., Hazarika S., Islam N.F., Prasad M.N.V.



Plant-microbe assisted, and biochar amended sustainable methods for stabilization of polyaromatic hydrocarbon and heavy metals, 201931037329 A, 2019/11/8

Patent IN A01B49/06

M N V Prasad H Sarma, N F Islam, A Sarma

Publications in peer-reviewed Journals
  1. Current Research in Microbial Sciences
  2. Emerging Contaminants
  3. Environmental Biology and Conservation
  4. Environmental Research
  5. Environmental Science and Pollution Research
  6. European Journal of Experimental Biology
  7. Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge
  8. Journal of Hazardous Materials
  9. Journal of Mycopathological Research
  10. Mycosphere
  11. Pedosphere
  12. Tropical Plant Research
  13. Plant Pathology and Quarantine
  14. Chemosphere
  • Awarded Gold Medal for standing first class in M.Sc. exam 2001.
  • Received recognition for COVID-19: Operational Planning Guidelines and COVID-19 Partners Platform to support country preparedness and response from World Health Organization on 7th April 2020

Membership/Fellowship of Learned bodies/Societies

  1. Member, Assam Science Society
  2. Member, Botanical Society of Assam
  3. Reviewer, Athens Journal of Sciences, Athens Institute for Education and Research, A World Association of Academics and Researchers, Athens, Greece.
  4. Reviewer, Tropical Plant Research, An International Journal by Society for Tropical Plant Research.
  5. Reviewer, International Journal of Environment and Climate Change. Regent Street London, W1B 3HH, UK
  6. Affiliate Member, Microbiology Society, London
  7. Review Editor, Frontiers in Microbiology, Switzerland


  1. Islam N.F. 2000. AIDS a global problem, The Peak, Arunachal University annual magazine, pp 19-21.
  2. Islam N.F. 2001. Management of alcohol withdrawal, The Peak, Arunachal University annual magazine, pp 37-41.
  3. Islam N.F. 2004. Namdapha the hidden paradise, The Sentinel, 5th June, Saturday Flare.
  4. Islam N.F. 2010. Biological weapons, Nandanian, N.N. Saikia College annual magazine, pp 117-122.
  5. Islam N.F. 2004. Human flu, Hemahar, Souvenir N.N. Saikia college, pp 134-137.
  6. Islam N.F. 2014. City of Apples, Nandanian, N.N. Saikia College annual magazine
  7. Islam N.F. 2014. Magic mushroom, Edunews, January issue, Souvenir N.N Saikia IQAC cell.

Research Projects


  1. a) Project Title: Development of Plant-microbe consortia for removal of heavy metals and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) contaminated soil of Assam, 2014-2017

          b) Funding agency: Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology under DBT twinning R&D projects scheme (CFTP) .

         c) Grant: 32 lakhs

         d) Collaborating Institute- Department of Plant Sciences, University of Hyderabad

         e) Status: Completed

Principal Investigator

a) Project Title: Screening of ligninolytic fungi for degradation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) from contaminated soil of Assam, 2014-2016

        b) Funding agency: University Grant Commission, Minor Research Project, under XII plan scheme.

        c) Grant: 3.4 Lakhs

        d) Status: Completed

b) Project Title: "DBT-NER Institutional Biotech Hubs at N.N. Saikia College, Titabor, Jorhat, Assam(Phase-II)" under DBT’s NER Biotech Hub Programme: Release of the first-year grant.

        b) Funding agency: Department of Biotechnology.

        c) Grant: 31.55 Lakhs

        d) Status: Ongoing

Training courses and conferences/seminars/workshops conducted.

  1. Organized Seminar on “Rice production and its related problems” held at N.N. Saikia College on 7th January 2011.
  2. The “Plant nutrition and disease management” seminar was organized by the Department of Botany, NN Saikia College on 22nd September 2014.
  3. Exhibition cum Science awareness program for National Science Day celebration, organized by IQAC and IBT-Hub, NN Saikia College on 28th of February 2018.
  4. Workshop on Competence Building for Non-Teaching Staff, organized by IQAC in association with College Employees Association, NN Saikia College on 26th March 2018.
  5. One-week Faculty Development Programme on “Use of ICT tools for Classroom Teaching” organized by Electronics & ICT Academy IIT Guwahati in association with NN Saikia College, Titabar, held from 22-27th April 2019.
  6. Workshop on Copyright and Plagiarism on 30th November 2019.
  7. One week virtual workshop on “Trends in Teaching-Learning Institution Building and Innovations at Higher Educational Institutions” from 22-27th June 2021.
  8. One week International workshop on "Academic Research Writing, Copyright & Plagiarism" organized by NN Saikia college teachers unit in collaboration with Department of Botany, NN Saikia College from 14-19th November 2022.
  9. International Webinar on "World Soil Day" jointly organized by Department of Botany, NN Saikia College, Department of Botany, Dhemaji College in association with Common Microbial Biotechnology Platform, Hanoi, Vietnam, held on 5th December 2022.
  10. Organized industrial visit for 5th Sem students to the production unit of Quality Pharma, Dibrugarh, on 29th October 2022.
  11. Organized seminar on International Biodiversity Day, 22nd May 2023
  12. Organized 5 days workshop on Technology for Quality Manure Production, from 25-29th May 2023.
  13. Organized seminar on World Environment Day, 5th June 2023

Faculty Development Program and conference /seminar/workshop

A. Faculty Development Program completed

  1. 63rd Orientation Course at University of Hyderabad from Feb 17th to Mar 16th , 2010, organized by UGC-ASC, University of Hyderabad.
  2. Refresher Course in Botany at H.P. University, Shimla, From  Apr 28th to May 18th, 2011, organized by UGC-ASC, H.P. University, Shimla.
  3. Special Winter School at Mizoram University, Mizoram, From  Nov 22nd to Dec 12th, 2013, organized by UGC-HRDC, Mizoram University, Mizoram.
  4. UGC sponsored Short term Course at Kumaun University from Aug 29th to Sep 4th, 2019, organized by UGC-HRDC, Kumaun University, Nainital.
  5. One week Faculty Development Program on “ Achieving Sustainable Development Goals through Conceptual mode of education from Sep 14th to Sep 19th, 2020” organized by IQAC-Ch. S.D. St. Theresa's College for Women, Eluru.
  6. One week Faculty Development Program on “ Academic Research Writing” from 25th to 30th April 2022, , organized by Goalpara College.
  7. Ten-day Faculty Development Program on “ Advanced Research Methodology”, from 30th May to 9th June 2022,  organized by Department of Business Management, RBVRR Women’s College, Hyderabad.

B. Conference/seminar participation with papers

  1. Effects of extracts of Parthenium & Xanthium species on the seed germination of certain crop plants. Paper presented in 50th annual technical session of Assam Science Society & National conference on current trends of research in Science & Technology, organized by Gauhati University, Guwahati from 28-29th  Jan 2005.
  2. Activity of soil microorganisms associated with Kharif rice. Paper presented in National Seminar on Prospects of Biotechnological Applications for Sustainable Agriculture, organized by B.B.K. College, Barpeta, Assam from 30-31st Jan 2012.
  3. Evaluation of rhizospheric mycoflora of banana plant and bulk soil from different locality of Titabar, organized by N.N. Saikia College, Titabar in collaboration with Holongapara Nature’s Society, Mariani, form 29-30th Sep 2014.
  4. Conservation and Sustainable use of Acquilaria malacensis  Lam. in Assam, Northeast India, organized by Kumaun University, Nainital, on 2nd Sep 2019.

C. Conference/seminar participated

  1. Participated in the National Seminar cum Awareness Programme on radiation, Health & Environment held at Gauhati University, Guwahati on 7-8th Apr 2006, organized by Deptt. of Veterinary Physiology, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Assam Agricultural University, Khanapara, Guwahati under the aegis of Indian Society of Radiation Biology.
  2. Participated in National Seminar on Value Addition to Bioresources of N.E. India, Post Harvest Technology & Cold Chain, held at the Deptt. of Botany, Gauhati University, Guwahati, from 19-21st May 2006 and organized by Dept. of Botany, Gauhati University, Guwahati and Assam Science Technology and Environmental Council.
  3. Participated in National seminar on prospects of biotechnological applications for sustainable agriculture, organized by B.B.K. College, Nagaon, Barpeta, in collaboration with DBT, Govt. of India from 30th to 31st Jan 2012.
  4. National webinar on “ Cutting edge trends in Biological Science”, organized by Goalpara college on 11th Jul 2022.

D. Workshop participated

  1. Patent Awareness Workshop organized by Department of Zoology, Rajib Gandhi University in collaboration with TIFAC, Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi, on Oct 16, 2000.
  2. Workshop on Knowledge & Awareness of HIV/ AIDS among the University students organized by Population Research Centre (PRC), Gauhati University, Guwahati from  6-7th  Sep 2005 and sponsored by Assam State AIDS Control Society.’
  3. Workshop on Bioinformatics & its Future Prospects held at Gauhati University, Guwahati on 9th June 2006 and organized by Deptt. of Botany, Gauhati University and DOEACC center Guwahati/Tezpur, Ministry of Comm. & Info. Tech., Govt. of India.
  4. One Day Training-cum-Awareness Program on Protection of Plant Varieties & Farmers Rights organized by IPR cell, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat and sponsored by Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers Rights Authority. Govt. of India, New Delhi on 25th Mar 2009.
  5. Workshop conducted under Faculty Training & Motivation & Adoption of Schools & Colleges by CSIR labs organized by NEIST, Jorhat on 28-29th Jan 2010.
  6. Two-day zonal level workshop on Hazards-Minimizing Risk, Maximizing Awareness organized by CSIR-NEIST, Jorhat on 19-20th  Aug 2010.
  7. UGC sponsored workshop on human rights education organized by the Department of Political Science, Nandanath Saikia College, Titabar, on 22nd Oct 2011.
  8. DBT sponsored workshop on recent trends in biotechnology organized by the Institutional Biotech hub, Nandanath Saikia College, Titabar, on 28th June 2014.
  9. DBT sponsored workshop on Introductory biotechnology organized by Institutional Biotech hub,, Nandanath Saikia College, Titabar, from 28th to 30th April 2016.
  10. Workshop on “ implementation of CBCS in the undergraduate program of Dibrugarh University” organized by IQAC, Jorhat Kendriya Mahavidyalaya, in collaboration with CDC, Dibrugarh University on 26th April 2019.
  11. National Workshop on “Online Learning Self-Assessment” organized by North-Eastern Hill University on 24th June 2021.

Co-curricular, extension, and profession related activities

  1. Project Guide for a contribution towards organizing the District Level Congress of the National Children’s Science Congress held at Beltola College, Guwahati, on 18th Sep 2005 and organized by NCSTC network, New Delhi & Assam Science Society, Guwahati.
  2. Was editor of Souvenir, Gauhati University Science Forum from 2005-2006
  3. Was editor of the Journal of  Gauhati University Research Scholars’ Association from 2005-2006
  4. External Evaluator, Gunotsav 2017, 2022
  5. College nodal officer for Dibrugarh University College Development Council
  6. Organized Swachh Bharat Summer Internship Program 2018-2019
  7. Organized Exhibition cum Science awareness program for National Science Day celebration on 28th Feb 2018
  8. Paper examiner/scrutinizer/question paper setter of Dibrugarh University CBCS examination.
  9. External examiner Dibrugarh University CBCS examination.
  10. Coordinator Academic Planning and Monitoring Committee
  11. Member of N.N. Saikia College academic research committee
  12. Member of N.N. Saikia College anti-ragging committee
  13. Member of N.N. Saikia College examination committee
  14. Member of N.N. Saikia College  publication committee
  15. Member of N.N. Saikia College IQAC cell from 2009-2010
  16. Coordinator of N.N. Saikia College IQAC 2017-2020
  17. College nodal officer for All India Survey of Higher Education (AISHE) 2009-till date.
  18. Delivered speech on 100-day teaching-learning program at Rangajan Bagan L .P. School on 02nd January 2022.
  19. Organized Biodiversity awareness Programme at Rangajan Bagan L .P. School on 24th January 2023.
  20. Organized Taxonomical field trip to Bhalukpong, Arunachal Pradesh on 14th February 2023.




(Dr. N.F. Islam)

Titabar, Jorhat, Assam, India

Nanda Nath Saikia College
Dhodar Ali, Titabar-785630,
Assam, India
Tel: +91 (3771) 248446
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