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Assistant Professor

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Dr. Juthika Dihingia

Assistant Professor

M.Sc. (Gauhati University), Ph.D. (Gauhati University)B.Ed. (Gauhati University), SLET

Specialization: Plant Ecology

Department of Botany

Nanda Nath Saikia College, Titabar 785630, Assam, India [Affiliated under Dibrugarh University, Assam]

Professional Recognition

Dr. Juthika Dihingia

Assistant Professor

Department of Botany, Nanda Nath Saikia College, Titabar 785630, Assam, India

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mobile: +91-9707329126, +91-7005374244

Date of Joining: 26-09-2022

Experience in Teaching/Research: 2 Years

Information of Past Service & Experience

From Date

To Date



Nature of Work



Hajo S.B.S.K.R.  Higher Secondary School

Post Graduate Teacher (Botany)




Dakshin Kamrup Vidyapith High School, Kamrup (R)

Assistant Teacher (Science)




Department of Botany, Gauhati University, Sponsored by OIL

Junior Research Fellow

Studied algal diversity for

Phyco-remediation of polluted water bodies in upper Assam oil fields.

Academic qualification (Undergraduate onwards)

Sl. No.



Year of passing


B.Sc. (Botany)

Gauhati University




Gauhati University



M.Sc. (Botany)

Gauhati University



Ph.D. (Plant Ecology)

Gauhati University



SLET (Lifescience)




Ph. D. Thesis Title: ‘Study on population dynamics of N2-fixing cyanobacteria in different rice fields of Kamrup district, Assam’.

Guide’s Name & Address:     Prof. P.P. Baruah

Department of Botany

Gauhati University, Guwahati 781014, Assam, India

Area of research interest:

Cyanobacterial ecology, Algal diversity, Algal phyco-remediation


Research Publications:

  1. Gogoi, R., Tham, B.B.T., Sherpa, N., Dihingia, J. and Borah, S. (2021). Clarification of the taxonomic  identity, typification and nomenclature of Impatiens benthamii (Balsaminaceae). Gardens’ Bulletin Singapore 73(1): 215–220. ISSN: 2382-5812. (UGC CARE LIST, Web of Science)
  2. Borah, S., Gogoi, R., Mood, J.N. and Dihingia, J. (2019). Monolophus coenobialis (Zingiberaceae), a New Addition to the Flora of India from Arunachal Pradesh. J. Jpn. Bot. 94(4): 259–262. ISSN : 0022-2062 (UGC CARE LIST, Web of Science)
  3. Dihingia, J. and Baruah, P. P. (2017). Studies on N2-fixing cyanobacterial diversity and its seasonal variation in rice fields soils of Brahmaputra floodplain of kamrup District Assam. Journal of Algal Biomass Utilization. 8(3):40-49. ISSN : 2229-6905.
  4. Dihingia, J. and Baruah, P. P. (2015).Population dynamics of cyanobacteria in alluvial rice grown soils of lower Brahmaputra floodplain. Phykos (1) 54-62. ISSN: 0554-1182
  5. Dihingia, J. and Baruah, P. P. (2012). Diversity and distribution of heterocystous nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria in the rice fields of Kamrup, Assam, India. Geophytology. 42(1): 59-63. ISSN: 0376-5561.


Book Chapters/corresponding articles

  1. Baruah, P. P., Dihingia, J., Dutta, J., Adhikari, A., Borah, S. (2022). Forest resources. In: An illustrated geography of Assam. Eds. A. K. Bora and M. Nath. EBH Publishers (India) Guwahati-1, pp. 166-184.ISBN: 978-93-92038-43-3
  2. Dihingia, J., Bhardwaj, N., Thakuria, J. And Baruah, P. P. (2013). Algal biofertilizers in rice fields of Chandrapur (Assam) In: Agri-Biotech. Eds. R. Das, K. K. Sarma, H, Deka & A. Haque. Global Publishing House (India),  pp. 232-241. ISBN:978-93-81563-15-1



  1. Paper presented in International Conference on Algal Biorefinery: A potential source of food, feed, biochemicals, biofuels, and biofertilizers, ICAB,2013, organized by Department of Biotechnology, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
  2. Paper presented in the National Seminar on “Bioprospecting of the gene pool: Trends and prospects in Northeast India” organized by the Department of Botany, D.K. College, Mirza, 2015.
  3. Paper presented in the National Seminar on“Social issues and the environment” organized by the Department of Chemistry and Environmental Science, D.K. College, Mirza, 2014
  4. Paper presented in the National Seminar on “Prospects of Biotechnological Applications for Sustainable Agriculture” organized by Baosi Banikanta Kakati College, Nagaon, Barpeta, sponsored by Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India, on January 30-31, 2012
  5. Paper presented in the National Symposium on “Microorganism and Plant Health” held in the department of Botany, Gauhati University, sponsored by CSIR, University Grants Commission and North East Council, Govt. of India, on November 4-5, 2011.
  6. Paper presented in the 23rd Annual Conference of the IGI and National seminar on Global Environment Change: Geomorphological issues and challenges organized by the Department of Geography, Gauhati University.

 Workshop and training programs attended:

  1. One week International Workshop on Academic Research writing, Copyright, and Plagiarism, 2022, Nanda Nath Saikia College Teachers’ Unit in Collaboration with Department of Botany, Nanda Nath Saikia, 2022.
  2. Training program on Blue Green Algae (Cyanobacteria), CCUBGA, IARI, New Delhi, 2010.
  3. Workshop on Statistical data analysis using SPSS, Department of Statistics, G.U., 2011.
  4. Workshop on Remote sensing, Geographical Information System and Global Positioning System, Gauhati University (IIRS, Dehradun, Off  Campus), 2009.
Nanda Nath Saikia College
Dhodar Ali, Titabar-785630,
Assam, India
Tel: +91 (3771) 248446
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