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Departmental Laboratory:


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The Department of Physics is sufficient as well as adequate to support a congenial academic environment for the students and the teachers. It comprises: one major laboratory, one general laboratory, one spectroscopy laboratory, one electronics laboratory, and one H. S. laboratory.



Departmental Library:

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The Departmental library with an estimated number of 155 books is providing ample scope to the students and faculties to cater to the needs and enrichment of academic requirements.


Physical Society: 

The Physical Society of N. N. Saikia College was established in the year 2001 which includes the facilities, the students as well as the well-wishers of Physics. Its prime goal is to arrange seminars on the campus on the vital topics of popular and frontier areas of science and technology. It organizes popular talks with resource persons from other institutions. The Society encourages young students to participate in various seminars and it organizes educational excursions of academic interest. In addition to these the Physical Society takes interest in encouraging the students by offering awards (cash awards) since 2012 to the two best students of the Department who secure the highest marks in the B. Sc.(core) with first class.

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