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The Department of Physics has been actively pursuing research activities in both theoretical and experimental physics. 

The physics of strongly coupled plasma (SCP) has a great impact in the field of dusty plasma because of its possible applications in astrophysical situations and also in industries. Plasma waves are an interconnection between particles and fields propagating in a periodic manner. The nonlinearities in plasmas contribute to the localization of waves, leading to different types of fascinating nonlinear coherent structures such as solitary wave profiles, double layers, shock wave profiles, vortices, etc., which are important from both theoretical and experimental points of view. 

 The exponential increase in energy consumption has caused the consumption of fossil fuels, which is the prime reason for the rise in COlevels in the atmosphere. As renewable energy sources are intermittent, we need a source that is constant and accessible in any situation. To satisfy the increasing demand for renewable alternatives to fossil fuels, research interests in different energy conversion and storage devices have gained momentum. Such research area focuses on the development of versatile electroactive materials for energy conversion and energy storage devices.

The process of the Himalayan mountain formation significantly shapes and alters the landscape of the Indus-Ganges-Brahmaputra valley. This heavily populated area experiences periodic occurrences of major earthquakes due to its tectonic setting and other calamities such as heavy floods, severe droughts, cloudbursts, glacial lake outburst floods, dam failure, and many more. The influence of tectonics and climatic shifts is evident in the region's geomorphology. Additionally, human activities interfering with natural processes pose additional risks in recent times. Addressing these challenges requires a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to gain deeper insights into the relationship between the valley and the mountain range.

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